It’s Easy to Make a Donation to the U.S. Soccer Heroes

The U.S. Soccer Heroes relies on the generosity of the community to continue to participate in competitions like the upcoming internationally recognized World Police International Soccer Tournament in the Netherlands. Every dollar we raise through our fundraising efforts goes directly to the team to help defray the costs of equipment, training, and travel expenses.

You can help give back to the men and women that give so much to their communities each and every day. Please consider making an instant donation by clicking on the donate now button below or mailing a contribution made payable to THE SOCCER LEARNING CENTER/U.S. SOCCER HEROES, 7000 Kennedy Blvd. East, Suite 39E, Guttenberg,  NJ  07093.

We can accept cash, check, credit card or merchandise donations that can be used in our upcoming raffles. Please contact Melinda Vickerman at 201-656-1156 with any donation related questions.

The U.S. Soccer Heroes organization is a recognized 501c3 designated corporation.