HC Corrections Blasts JCPD/PAL 2-0

Hudson County Corrections dominated the pitch for the first time this season winning their first match of the tournament year 2 to 0 against the JCPD/PAL team.   The Sunday, July 11th game was a good one – with excellent effort shown from both sides.  Scoring for the HCCD was #95, Chad, and #10, Tim O’Connor – great job!

This was one of the best turnouts for crowd support all season – feel free to bring your friends and family to every game your team plays!

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  • teddy roque
    21 July, 2010

    #95 was chad manzo…this game was a much needed win for the doc guys

  • OFC. Tim O’Connor
    22 July, 2010

    We are on a mission of success were here to GO HARD and that’s just what we will be doing from here on out GO HARD or STAY HOME is what we are living by these days.

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