Rules & Waivers


April 6 Tournament Waivers

Player Waiver

In order to participate in the U.S. Soccer Heroes leagues and tournaments, each player must complete and sign a waiver form.  You can download the form here:

U.S. Soccer Heroes Tournament & League Waiver


Indoor Tournament Guidelines

U.S. Soccer Heroes indoor tournaments are played following these rules:

-The U.S. Soccer Heroes is a squad comprised of badged law enforcement and first responder personnel only. United States military police from any branch are also welcome to participate.  There are no exceptions to this rule during U.S. tournament or league play.  If you are a civilian worker employed in the law enforcement field (dispatcher, clerk, support staff, etc), you are not eligible to participate in the league.  Confirmed officer identification is required to register for league play.  

League members are encouraged to immediately contact league officials if they know of a unqualified player that has been rostered on a U.S. Soccer Heroes team.  This can be done confidentially. 
-Format is 4 v. 4 with no goalkeeper.
-The game is played indoors on a hardwood floor surface (sneakers, no cleats).
-We will play with a size 4, weighted ball.
-The goal size is 4ft high, by 6ft wide, by 3ft deep.
-The first match is played at 9:40pm. The second match is played at 10:15pm.
-Matches are played at the Community Education & Recreation Center located at 180 9th Street in Jersey City, New Jersey. Private parking is available on site.
-There is one 30 minute half per match.
-There are unlimited subs on-the-fly.
-No slide tackles.
-A penalty kick may be taken from the white line (see ref) without a goalie as defender on the goal.  If the penalty kick is missed, the ball is not live and must be re-started as a goal kick.
-A player who commits misconduct and is given a yellow card must leave the field for five minutes and can be replaced. The offending player can return to the game.
-A player who commits misconduct and is given a red card must leave the field and cannot return to the field for the rest of the match. The player cannot be replaced and the team must play short.  Severe misconduct can be grounds for additional player penalties up to expulsion from the league.
-The two-time forfeit rule is in place – if a team earns two forfeits for not appearing at the games or not having enough players to field a team, that team will be removed from the tournament/league. No refund of team fees will be provided. Please, let’s work hard to avoid this forfeit situation.




UPDATED 12/15/2012