When you join the U.S. Soccer Heroes delegation to travel to the WPIST games in the Netherlands, you save!  Here is a basic budget idea of how much your team will pay to attend the games.  Use this as a guide to help you with your planning:


Registration Fee$185 dollars per team

Airfare:  Approximately $1000 per player (your team can fly into Schiphol Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Munster-Osnabruck, Dortmund, Dusseldorf-Weeze, Dusseldorf and Koln/Bonn).  Please contact us for group rate discounts.  The sooner you book your flight, the more you will save.

Transportation$65 per player for the length of your trip (transport from your team’s arrival at the airport to your bungalow; to the opening ceremony and back; to the games and back; to the closing ceremony and back; and then to the airport for your team’s departing flight)

Housing:  FREE.  Your team will enjoy a duplex bungalow that can house up to nine people.  Your bungalow includes a television, livingroom and dining room, plus a full-size, equipped kitchen with refrigerator.  You’ll love the other on-site amenities including a terrific outdoor space where you can kick back and relax with your teammates.

MealsFREE breakfast and dinner buffets are provided.  There are many walk-to restaurant options close to your playing venues.  These are both delicious and affordable!

The following items are included during your team’s trip:

  • Bungalow housing
  • Breakfast and dinner buffets
  • Unlimited entrance to the tropical swimming paradise and swimming pools
  • Trophy for each team
  • Team captain’s buffet and drinks during during opening ceremony
  • Badge and textile promotion strap/cord for every participant
  • Daily parties with live music bands
  • Free entrance to the disco and team parties
  • Live entertainment during dinner
  • Tourist tax

Need help fundraising for your trip?  Send us an email at soccerlearning@aol.com and we’ll help show you how to get funding to offset your travel costs.